CP Systems

Cathotic Protection Systems

PetroServ deals in installation, repair and testing of Cathodic Protection Systems.

To prevent corrosion of metal components of fueling systems and unwanted releases into the environment, cathodic protection is used to prevent this corrosion.

Through the installation of sacraficial anodes, wire binding, and a voltage rectifier, we are able to make the tanks and lines a cathode (non-corroding aspect of an electrolyte system) and prevent corrosion and fatigue of metal. Call us for an estimate for your site.

Every three years, each cathodic system must be inspected for proper protection of the metals. Petroserv is capable of performing this service. Let us know if we can aid you with your cathodic inspections.

Most new tanks are installed with a fiberglass coating to prevent corrosion of the tanks. However, if this jacket is damaged or if it is eroded the tanks could become vulnerable to corrosion and a problem could occur. We have the technology to perform an electrical isolation test. This test determines whether the tank has sufficient coating to prevent corrosion or if an external impressed current system will be needed to prevent corrosion and tank fatigue.

For installation, repair and testing, please call (817) 834-0303